I first started at Merewether Fitness Studio over 5 years ago with a friend who had highly recommended Stephen because of his personal care and attention to individual clients. Stephen provides small group training in a friendly environment and encourages clients to continually strive to improve on fitness levels while at the same time constantly monitoring techniques and individuals' injuries. Sessions are varied, challenging and adjusted to the needs of individual clients,regardless of age or ability and reflect Stephen's professionalism, experience, knowledge and overall commitment. I highly recommend this studio for anyone seeking to improve on their fitness and well-being. 

Christine Whetham Grandmother


I love Merewether Fitness Studio because in the 9 months I have been going I have become fitter, stronger and healthier.

Steve constantly watches everyone to ensure they are exercising safely and to their capacity.  
No chance of slacking off with Steve around.
Francesca Dav50 something ( feel like 30 something!) Yoga Teacher


Merewether fitness has been part of my life lately, if you want a great environment, high level of exercise and monitoring, plus the personalised classes don’t even doubt it!
What I like the most is that is not just a gym is actually a place where you go to of course exercise but aswell to meet people.After a few sessions you can tell this gym helps with personal improvements and having someone always caring about you checking your progress is priceless. I do appreciate a good place and this one is definitely one! Stephen is an awesome Trainer! Variety in routines, adapt to physical conditions and push you to your best! Glad to be part of this Merewether fitness family.

Tina Dottori Oakes 27


With-in one year Steve had me in the top 10% of fitness for men aged 52 years old according to a medical doctor.
Thanks Steve.

Rinaldo DeVitis 53


I am new to Merewether Fitness Studio but am already loving it ! The sessions are varied and a well balanced workout every time. Steve’s instructions and attention to individual needs are excellent as is his encouragement and enthusiasm for what he does. The small group size is wonderful. Everyone I have met so far clearly enjoys the Studio as much as I’m sure I will. Robyn Hunter 60