Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy is a simple one & that is to be happy. For us to be happy our Clients need to be happy & that means they need to be healthy, both mentally as well as physically. Eating well, exercise, social interaction & taking on life with a positive attitude go a long way to filling these needs & we are here to assist you in moving in the right direction one step at a time. 


Located opposite Souths Leagues Club in Lewellyn Street, Merewether we have been changing the lives of people just like you, for over 12 years. If you live in Merewether or one of it's surrounding Suburbs, there's a good chance you know someone who is part of the Merewether Fitness Family. 

"Why do so many people only assess their lives on New Years Eve or on birthdays that end with a zero or a five? Every new day is an opportunity to begin again. Every day is a new opportunity to make positive decisions & sometimes....it only takes one small decision to change a life."    Anonymous

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